From the USA to China we provide our customers the "Best of Both Worlds".

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WRWP, LLC is an established, growing, innovative and aggressive company determined to lead the way in the Wire Harness Industry.

We can build harnesses to your prototype or help you custom design a harness to meet your needs.

WRWP had the foresight several years back to set up operations with various China-based facilities in order to produce product overseas. This has enabled us to offer our customers a great cost savings while still being able to provide the products domestically when a shorter lead time is necessary. We truly offer our customers the "Best of Both Worlds".

Our Engineering, Quality and Sales are all controlled from our corporate office in the USA. This concept provides our customers with the comfort that they can obtain low-priced products while maintaining the high quality standard that is expected from WRWP.

We have become recognized as a wire harness leader in the Lawn & Garden industry. Our expertise extends into the snow, home appliance, hand held tools, HVAC, small engine, automotive and a diverse range of other industries across the globe.

At WRWP, we take a very hands on approach to working with customers and meeting their needs. We believe in going the extra step to build long lasting partnerships between WRWP and our customers.

Let us see what we can do for you.